Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gama Fitness by Matt Furey

Gama Fitness by Matt Furey

Gama Fitness by Matt Furey
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Genre: Elearning

This is the film covers excellent workouts Gama Fitness Strength and Conditioning Program "New Fitness Program Gives You Animal-On-The-Attack Speed, Buzz-Saw Strength, Functional Flexibility and World Championship Stamina".
Lesson One - Dynamic Deep Breathing - How It Makes You Stronger, More Vitally Alive - Plus, How it Transforms Negative Stress into Personal Power Lesson Two - 15 Different Ways to Do Hindu Pushups and Squats - Plus, Many Additional Exercises Lesson Three - How To Double Your Speed and Explosiveness - Become a Seemingly Unstoppable Force and/or Freak of Nature Lesson Four - Taking The Bridge to a Different Level - Includes All The Latest Ways to Bend Yourself into Kick-Butt Shape Lesson Five - Pullups That Make Your Lats and Arms Scream With Pleasure Lesson Six - The Lost Secret That The Great Gama Used to Develop Supernatural Strength and Power From Every Direction and Angle - Rarely Talked About - Easy to Learn - Amazingly Effective - This Lesson Alone Will Be Worth the Price of the Entire Course Many Times Over Lesson Seven - Building the Secondary Muscles of The Shoulders - These Exercises Will Help You Quickly Eliminate Shoulder Pain and Go to a Level of Strength That Will Amaze Your Friends Lesson Eight - Keys to Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness in the Fastest Time Humanly Possible Lesson Nine - Superior Stretches That Simultaneously Increase Flexibility and Strength - When to Do Them and How Often Lesson Ten - Keys to Rejuvenation After Vigorous Training - Follow These Tactics and You'll Be Ready For Action Far Sooner Than Ever Before Lesson Eleven - How To Gain Weight - How To Lose Weight - Using Gama Fitness and a Natural Diet to Achieve Whatever Result You Like Lesson Twelve - The Hidden Key to Super Strength and Fitness - How Much of Your Muscle is Connected to Your Mind? And How to Make that Connection Stronger.

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